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A unique project where nature truly meets culture to result in a cutting edge home that is both a sanctuary for our client, as well as an entertainment centerpiece befitting his & his extended family lifestyle.

The house was conceived as a 2-Storey villa when seen from the street, which cascades down a further 5 levels over a fairly steep escarpment to reach the bottom of the site, like a series of rice terraces.

The entrance was fashioned in the manner of a continuous light-membered portals, faintly reminiscent of the entrance way to a Shinto Shrine in Japan. Above the said entrance lies the 2nd floor façade; protected visually by a thin filigree-like metal screen with repetitive motifs inspired by a combination of an Ikat (traditional Indonesian tapestry) and the simplified shape of a Keris (a Malay daggercum-sword).


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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