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Vertical lines that recall the world of bamboo forests clad the walls in form of paneling lines to give a contrasting and vibrant background to the lobby crowd.

Carpet rugs readily evoke the sensuous red of flower petals decorate the floor surfaces, at the same time, defining the various seating clusters that are further accentuated by the organically round sofas that cater well to the huddles of VIP guests that typically populate this lobby.

Modern light pendants punctuate the ceiling area on top of the reception, like cherry droplets which in tune with the flowery and fruity vibrant feeling of this Lobby. This feeling further enhanced with a modest-sized flower bouquet decoration as the centerpiece in the Lobby.

The curvy space of the Lobby is also further elevated with the layered cove ceiling, which also curves along the interior and give sense of a larger, continuous space. Mirror-clad columns also add depth to this already vibrant place.


Sentosa, Singapore


Interior Design

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