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Inspired by a sense of Global Diaspora,

MINKKE searches for the spirit of OneWorld, by weaving disparate elements from the natural & cultural landscapes.

Using NATURE as a starting point, MINKKE connects the various dots of nature & culture to form matrix of a Third Skin that embraces and reconciles all the paradoxes and contradictions found in our material & non-material world, in the process...

...crafting solutions that are urbane yet natural, progressive yet historical, functional yet beautiful...

...fusing them fluidly into a sublime tapestry of lines, surfaces + forms that not only bridges the widening gaps of polarities in our physical world, but also...

...brings our increasingly fragmented world ONE!

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Minkqee Tan​

Principal ​

Born in Penang, Malaysia and raised in Sydney, Australia, Minkqee graduated in architecture from University of Sydney before commencing his architectural training and went on to found his own practice specializing in innovative architecture and progressive interiors in 1999 after becoming a chartered architect in Sydney and Singapore.​

MINKKE architects was founded in 1999 by Minkqee Tan, the Principal Interior Designer and Architect. Graduating from the University of Sydney in Australia and commencing his architectural practice thereafter, Minkqee subsequently founded his own practice in architecture + interior design 15 years ago.


His design vision is to continually benchmark the beautiful natural styles by acquiring inspirations from Asia’s most sought after landscapes to fuse together with modern contemporary to form true works of art. His profound sense of Asian Diaspora drives the firms search for the spirit of New Asia by synthesizing the various fragments from the vastly differing Asia’s social and historical landscape.


“Our own theories on architecture rely on the fundamentals of design and vice versa. It has to do with the laws of symmetry, geometry, science and many other aspects.

We get down to the essence to create individuality, functional, valuable and well-defined spaces.

Creation of spaces is the greatest epitome.”


Together with a team of committed, talented and diverse design staff, Minkqee and his team are constantly on the lookout for new possibilities that can push forward his notion of Super Asia - A fusion of old and new Asia merged with influences from East and West.


MINKKE Architects has an accomplished diverse portfolio of projects that range across 5-star hotels, luxury residences, resorts and F&B outlets for clients including the Fullerton Hotel Group, Fraser Hospitality, Far East Organization and projects such as the Kempinski, JW Marriot, Crowne Plaza Hotel, YTL Corporation and Silvian Imberg as well as various showflats for Far East developments.


Previously known as:

MT.I Design Pte Ltd  - Mink Tan Architects

Mink Atelier Pte Ltd - Mink Architects

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