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A hotel that is inspired by the vast landscape and the surprisingly feminine power of the Indonesian culture, clothed in a contemporary clean line interiors that attempts to bridge the gap between modernity & traditional culture.

We borrowed thru the lines and forms, colors and texture, patterns and motifs to form this vast tapestry of designs where all the various influences are weaved into a unique whole that speaks of the past yet in resonance with spirit of the new.

Screens of abstracted pattern called 'jali' separates private areas from the public. Huge slabs of natural stone-clad walls evoke massive volcanoes of the resource-rich archipelago resplendent with the endless untold stories of Indonesia's mystic past.


The spatial manipulation of guest rooms through the open bathrooms that can be closed using technologies in seamless manner recalls the ease & grace of Indonesia’s collective cultures.


Semarang, Indonesia​


Interior Design

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