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The Ooi House is a simple, contemporary home infused with Asian elements. Space constraints due to long narrow plot with its length parallel to the steep road led this home to have surprising twists, using Asian touches such as tiered pavilions and origami concept to a delightful effect.

The folding RC slab is deployed as a strategy to organize spatial and programmatic requirements while integrating visual & function aesthetics. Various spaces of the house are strung along the continuous surface in successions so that different programs of the house are able to operate independently while maintaining smooth interaction with another. Taking off from the ground in form of pool stairs, the slab continues as landscaped deck, a partial slope on 2nd floor, a viewing platform & green slope at 3rd floor, before it eventually upturns to form the roof.

Living in a tropical country also forces the house to accommodate "cooling" elements. Starting from the ground where swimming pool is located; beside functionally used as a lap pool, it creates a soothing effect during sunny day.

Retracting metal screens, defined by an gorgeous Japanese-inspired laser-cut filigree, offers exquisite Asian-touch solution for privacy for rooms in the glass-encased upper floors of the house–along with the cross ventilation needed on the Equator, as well as to filter the sunlight. Other elements would be decent overhangs which were placed strategically to bring shadow into the interior.





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