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Our design for Kempinski Residences Skylobby was motivated by our desire to showcase the beauties of the Indonesian nature and culture, by taking reference from the vastness Indonesian archipelago and its cultural landscape.

Pivoting the design of the Skylobby is a double volume screened drum designed as a private lift lobby that is inclined and rounded to visually guide the circulation around what is otherwise an awkward L-shaped Skylobby.


Reinforcing the natural theme are the various wall enclosures for powder rooms and such, that are fluidly shaped to recall the gentleness of the Indonesian culture and the undulating topography of the land.


Augmenting this natural yet progressively shaped interior architecture are cultural + natural artifacts culled from the great land.


Fluidly profiled floor finish also allude to the meandering river streams of the sprawling archipelago, reinforcing the natural theme that we have deemed appropriate for a transfer Skylobby that is substitute for garden approach from the outside work to the sanctity of one's home + private realm.


Jakarta, Indonesia


Interior Design


PT Grand Indonesia

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