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KMSPKS Monastery Pavilion showcases the balance of 'Grace of Nature' and 'Beauty of Buddhism'.

The pavilions - through their simple lines - act as a foil and in perfect deference to the traditional grandeur of the Compassionate Hall behind. They will also be fenestrated by full height opening glass doors all around, that are fitted with bamboo slatted screen to subtly recall the lines of a serene bamboo forest of which a Buddhist temple can often be found.

The simple pavilions will be topped by a series of soaring roofs that will immediately strike resonance with the traditional curls of the surrounding temples, simplified and reconfigured to recall also elements of nature - be it the silhouette of famed Chinese scenery of water & mountains or lines of cascading ocean waves.

In keeping with the pristine-ness of our new structure, a narrow yet effective linear reflecting pond wraps around three sides of the pavilions. These reflecting pond will bring nature closer to the pavilions as well as helping to cool down the temperature around the surrounding, with floating & fitting lotuses to complete the total picture of tranquility and peace.

Decorative lighting is essentially a series of circular globe hanging pendant lights that both decorate as well as functionally lit up the pavilions. These said globes will no doubt recall the moons for many, and is an effect which we welcome in order to resonate with the importance that moon and the lunar calendar play in the Chinese and Buddhist culture.





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