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This residence design exudes luxury, in the way the ambience are created using the choices of materials, artworks, and lighting. Dark tones are chosen to emphasize the intimate feeling inside a luxury five-star hotel.


The use of timber panels on the ceiling of the bedroom, the floral elements in wallpaper and décor, lantern-like bedside lamps, as well as the classic fabric padding on bedhead exudes Asian touch, and almost Fairmont-like ambience.


The study space has a unique, boxed custom bookshelf with bold shadow gaps to define each book spaces. The desk are designed to be simple as not to overwhelm the user when working.


Wooden feature wall framed the living area, forming a frame with accentuated gap in the middle.


The kitchen and bar have lighter color palette to keep it functional yet luxurious, with bronze and gold accents.


Xi'An, China


Interior Design

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