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This office lounge that is inspired by the Indonesian culture, clothed in a contemporary clean line interiors and timeless materials that attempts to bridge the gap between modernity & a traditional culture.

In terms of the reception area, the design is inspired by Indonesia’s identity as the biggest archipelago nation—shown in the use of rugs scattered like islands at the ocean; which is represented by the use of glossy black floor finish. The cultural motifs are used as steel decoration in front of full height mirrors. The color chosen for the lobby are dark to keep the intimate ambience.


To balance the ambience and still functional, the meeting rooms are using lighter color palette with bronze accent and subtle paintings.


The Library also borrows the motived screen + mirror as accent, and custom-designed bookshelf with scattered lights not unlike the various island placement of Indonesia, and various culture that decorates the nation.


Surabaya, Indonesia


Interior Design

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