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Our idea for this apartment is essentially inspired by the concept of a vertical village.

One that integrates all the elements necessary for the independence of a self sustaining village ...where one can live, shop, socialize, work, meet, play amongst many other humanly activities necessary for a sustainable lifestyle.

On the ground floor will be a series of shops that are found amidst the forest of tall columns, alluding to a sense of being in a forest and hence an unlikely connection to nature.

Right above the carpark floors will be what we call our Urban Oasis, a platform of activities and amenities that make you feel like you're on the ground. Health- & life-style oriented amenities will dominate this floor, creating a place and attracting those who appreciate a healthy retreat from the busy work- & life-style that the residents lead.

Above this Urban Oasis will be a lower portion floors of SoHo units that allow the dwellers to either work, or live there; or a combination of both for those select few who lead a work life & play philosophy.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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