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Our overall concept for this façade project is to create a look of 'Rooftop Beacon' using its Level 4 Office--one that glow like a lantern during the nights, to light up the journey into the new exciting future. While the 'New Skin' is draped onto the existing façade; getting it primed & ready to stride into the new millennial.

The proposed level 4 office level will be conceptualized like a rooftop penthouse glass pavilion, sitting proudly above the existing building; and an unabashedly modernist language to signal the future of the company.

The new skin is in form of secondary façade, without changing the existing building. The masking consists of steel mullion plate and high-quality polycarbonate which create translucent effect. Illuminating the user's experience with sunlight by day, and offering spectacular light wall radiating internal light in the evenings.




Architecture (Facade)

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