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Our design of the Churrasco Restaurant is inspired by our desire to transport the diners back into the land of Brazil, with its culture of old Portuguese heritage & a nature of vast mountainous plains where the cattle are grazed ...and with it, the birth of the cuisine at our Chamas Churrascaria Restaurant

One enters through a dimly lit vestibule, guided by a trace of light at the water’s edge and the sound of dripping water

The darkness suddenly explodes into a Great Room, fronted by a Manhattan-inspired cocktail bar and brimming with sight & sounds of diners and performing chefs, against a backdrop of veinous onyx that could easily pass for a fabulous slice of sirloin cut; and enormous artworks inspired by the Ole World 

A Show Kitchen fully clad in yellow lit translucent panel alludes to the teeming flames that grills the meat to perfection, and subtly leads the diner to a subterranean space that evokes the feeling of dining inside an underground cellar; resplendent with old red bricks, & a surreal inverted tree branch doubling as a chandelier over a long supper table, this being the final touch & a fitting climax to the entire experience of Churrasco Dining


Xi'An, China


Interior Design

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