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A nature yet modern concept cafe fused with the essence of elegance and luxury, that caters office workers during the day or even on the night.

The use of wooden slats mimics those used on the surrounding walls, keeping all elements coherent within a theme. The wooden slats also form the main boundary of the café counter, on the raised platform where the boundary slowly comes down in a gentle curve towards the steps, guided by the bronze trimming at the top. Bronze feature décor on top of the counter acts as artwork, consists of several bronze metal tubes connected with four main pillars sprouting like a tree from each corner of the counter.


Aside from the bar counter space, the VOZA Café also consists of several more seating at both sides of the main bar. A simple yet elegant lounge chairs, coffee table, and curvy sofa provide perfect place for guests who just want to have casual café experience, or casual meet-ups. The other side consists of several long tables, perfect for co-working space.


Surabaya, Indonesia


Interior Design

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