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Imagine going to work is like a walk through the forest. Such is the main design idea for this premium office lobby located in Surabaya, Indonesia.


The walls are lined with continuous hard-wood strips to mimic the verticality of a forest, and carved out a false ceiling is faintly reminiscent of water ripples in a small pond that culminates in a water drop-let chandelier.


By doing so, we aim to tune the average worker’s stress level down by several degrees and, in the process, put them in a more relaxed state that can hopefully generate a more productive day at the workplace.


As much as we have injected loads of warmth into our entrance lobby— with the bountiful wood, exquisite travertine stones, and understated brass fittings, we decided to opt for a cool vibe for the design of the lift car. Almost like entering into a chiller box to cool down, this dual-pronged attack of warm and cold spells will hopefully stimulate the users’ senses for yet another exciting day at work!


Surabaya, Indonesia


Interior Design

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