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Imagine stepping inside a fantasy dining place, with unique theme for the lobby, dining area, and the bar dripping with Asian essence.


The lobby is where the initial energy swirls. Guests can lounge and wait in the area, or do a private meet ups in several private pods with each own seating set & chandelier.


Guests then can dine in, accompanied with the featured column design resembling water ripples, or wind circling upwards. It is then connected to the ceiling, on the reflective surface, like a floating pond in the sky which also acts as space for concealed light for the cove ceiling. The color of bronze and champagne gold accentuates the room.


The bar itself has darker ambience, fitting for the executives, for more intimate vibe. The counter is designed in circular shape, with fragmented leather padding as the base—like a half-cut pumpkin. Large, circular chandelier lit the spot above. Truly an amazing experience where your imagination can run wild.






Honorable Mention IDA 2012

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